Leather Chairs leather armchairs & leather furniture

If you own any vintage leather armchairs or sofas which are in need of being restored, please note that we work closely with a team of specialist craftsmen-saddlers.

What we offer:
A total overhaul of the structure of the chair or sofa. Both the wedding and the springs are changed if needed.
Thereafter there are two options available:

A complete restoration :
If the leather is too far gone and cannot possibly be restored, we can re-upholster the piece entirely with new leather which will have been given a patina by hand in order for it to look aged in the natural shade you require.

A partial restoration :
We may only need to work certain parts of the chair or sofa (generally the armrests, the cushions etc...), ensuring that the areas which are renovated blend in with the rest.



In order that we may devise an accurate quotation, we need to know as much as possible about the current state of the item(s). Please mail us – if possible – some photos of the piece(s) you want restoring where the areas needing repair are visible in as much detail as possible, indicating which type of restoration you want.

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